What Does Love Sound Like?

Hey Love,
I’m curious, what does love sound like to you?

One of my closest friends welcomed her baby girl into the world yesterday. Today, via Marco Polo, I got to see her baby and hear her voice for the very first time. It felt so special!

For months, I’ve watched this baby girl growing in her mama’s womb.  She’s grown lungs, fingers, and hair.  She’s been fearfully and wonderfully made in the secret place.  She’s been growing and moving and eating and sleeping, but it’s all been on the inside.  She’s heard my voice through phone calls and hundreds of Polos, but today, I finally got to see and hear hers. 

It was just a little cry, but it was hers.  It was so fresh and new and yet so obviously hers and one of a kind. It was her voice and it sounded like love.  Today, this is what love sounds like to me.

To hear someone’s voice for the first time, especially one that you’ve been loving since you heard she was growing, feels significant.  During these wild times, when so many difficult conversations are being had and we are encouraged (especially as women) to speak up and use our voice, getting to hear hers for the first time felt extremely significant.  

So today, I’m curious, what does love sound like to you?  In regards to this story, do you feel free to use your voice?  Do you feel free to cry out, ask for help and connect with others through verbal expression?  

I think many of us, myself included, have gone through seasons where we believe love only sounds like staying quiet, not sharing needs, and silently suffering for the sake of being lovable and loved.  

Today, I felt prompted to share this story because someone needs to hear this: “Your voice sounds like love!”  You crying, that’s beautiful.  You asking for help, that’s admirable.  You letting someone know how you’re really doing, that’s brave and helpful.  You, using your voice is beautiful and necessary because God created it specifically for you TO USE.  Your voice being used….that sounds like love.  

Are you currently using your voice and freely expressing yourself as a deeply loved child of God? 

As we enter the month of love, hearts, big emotions (and my 40th birthday), my prayer is that we would all be inspired by this story to use our voice. If you’re sad, let it out.  If you’re hopeful, let it out.  If you’re bursting at the seams to sing, belly laugh, or finally tell your story, please do.  The lie is that you’re too much and not enough and nobody cares. The Truth is that you are so loved, totally held, and fully free.  Your voice matters.  

My challenge for us this month is to keep turning down the volume of the lies and keep turning up the Truth.  If you’re looking for ways to practice this, align yourself with God’s Truth and practice living out Mark 12:30, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength” come join me! I offer weekly classes, private experiences, and group events. Sign up today!

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Love & Blessings,

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