Six months in!

Hi friends,

It’s been six months since we moved and overall, it’s been a pretty wonderful experience.  We dove right in!  New town, home, schools, church, community, friends, neighbors and yoga classes.  Everything is NEW which is wonderful and has also been challenging at times.  The good news is, I can finally drive without my GPS on, I got a down jacket and sort of know how to dress for the chilly, central coast weather (I feel like I live in Big Bear!) and I now know where to get things at the store (thank you Jesus for Trader Joe’s close by).   I found a new yoga studio to practice at and I feel more at home day by day.  God has really blessed us with a sense of total Peace and affirmation here.  It just feels really good to be here.  As this season continues to unfold, I am constantly in awe of God’s love and divine timing.  He’s so good!  We came here fully trusting God for everything (great and small) and he’s provided everything we need and more.  I love finding his love everywhere I go; in the specific flowers and trees at our home, in the magnificent ocean views that keep popping up, in new friendships, family dance parties, laughter and holy yoga classes.  I’m just so thankful.

As we ended 2019, I felt more confident than ever.  Confident in who God is, who he says I am and what specific assignments he has given me.  It’s no coincidence that was the word He gave me for 2019.  It carried me through so many NEW things and changes that required a deep God confidence. What a year!

As we started 2020, the word I received for the year was LOVE.  It seems so simple and childlike yet it’s the deepest, most wonderful revelation I’ve ever know.  God’s love is wrecking me in a whole new way….in the best way possible.  I feel more loved than ever before and I’m more IN love with Jesus than ever before.  What a gift.  So, here’s to more love with clear 2020 vision!  More giving and receiving love, more feeling loved and deeply knowing how loved we already are.

Lord, have your way in us.

Blessings, Kathryn


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