Sabbath Rest

Hey Friend, want to know something? I stayed in my jammies all day yesterday and I’m not ashamed to say it. In fact, I’m actually highlighting this because I think somewhere between 2020 and today the speed of life has accelerated and some of us need a rest day.

My family and I have been practicing a weekly Sabbath for almost five years now and it’s just the best. Rest is a gift from God and we have done our best as a family to surrender to receiving it. It’s not easy and takes planning, but as we light the candle and take communion as a family on Friday nights, I look at my precious favorites and my heart fills with peace as we pause. I’m so excited to share this rhythm with those that are attending my Yoga retreat in San Luis Obispo, CA from September 22-25. I still have a few spots left for this special retreat. You can sign up here!

One of the most beautiful gifts of starting Shabbot on Friday nights is that we head into the weekend focusing on Jesus and with a narrative of “let’s do less” and “what would feel restful and nourishing right now”. This usually invites a very slow, stay in jammies, restful pace, and sometimes it’s a full of adventure, how much can we pleasure stack kind of Saturday outdoors. Either way, we usually sing, read scripture, play games, garden, make yummy food, and enjoy each other. Yesterday, post a big vacation we took and kids at VBS all week, we all needed space to just be. So we did.

I think God loves it when we choose to take our hands off our work for a bit and choose to trust him with it all. I think He super loves it when we gaze at Him, His word, and sit in His presence unhurried. And the crazy thing is when we do pause to rest and trust, His perfect peace comes and fills US up. I’m never sad after a day of rest!

I’m curious when was your last day of real rest?
Do you practice a weekly rhythm of Sabbath?
What is your body, mind, and soul craving right now?

I encourage us to keep making time to slow down, connect with God and ourselves, and tap into the abundant rest and life He has for us. If you want to get on your mat today and join me for one of my FREE Christ-Centerd Yoga flows or Meditations, you can find me on YouTube at Kathryn Carrington Yoga.

Rest for our souls is always available and usually only a few breaths away. Let’s return back home this week. Back to our breath, back into our bodies, back to peace and rest, and back to God. Jesus loves us and He’s with us and nothing can separate us from His unconditional, never-ending love. We can rest in His love and promises.

Thanks for being here. Have a beautiful day,

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