just be

Monthly rhythms of rest.

Take time to breathe and "just Be". Mini retreats designed to hold a space for quality, consistent, realistic rhythms of rest. A time to press pause, quiet the noise, exhale and intentionally practice sabbath rest. A space for Holy Yoga, wellness education, silence, solitude & blessing.

Why Mini Retreats?

Birthed out of a desire to share the gift of sabbath with others, Kathryn is excited to hold a space for you to rest and retreat in 2019. After practicing consistent rhythms of rest and observing a weekly sabbath with her family this past year, Kathryn has discovered the abundant blessing that this space holds. She has experienced the joy, struggle and transformation that comes with being still. She is convinced that practicing regular rhythms of rest is key in living her most Spirit filled, aligned, peace-filled, joy-filled, obedient life for Jesus. She is passionate about sharing a slice of this practice with others. Are you looking for a way to dive deeper into the practice of rest? Join us!


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Frequently Asked Questions

1 hour Holy Yoga class taught by Master Holy Yoga Instructor, Kathryn Carrington C-HYI 500.  Organic Tea/Snack.  30 minute Wellness Education segment.  1 hour Silence and solitude.   Circle time meditation/final sharing.  Individual blessing.   Retreat will take place in a beautiful, spacious, peace-filled home in Fullerton, CA.  

The class will be a gentle / level 1 flow (not hard).  It will be a flow that beginners and seasoned yogis alike will enjoy.  Each class will be slightly different and you have permission to adjust the postures to meet your personal needs.  If you want more, or want less, that’s up to you.  Since we are focusing on rest and retreat, we will provide a class that feels good and promotes rest.

You will have the opportunity to “Just Be”.  After our wellness speaker concludes their inspiring, informational segment, we will begin our 1 hour of silence and solitude.  This is your time to “be”.  You are free to take a nap, read a book, practice yoga or use the handout (scripture, prayer & questions) as a guide.  Participants are encouraged to find a quiet place that feels good to them (inside by the fire, yoga studio, backyard, deck or pool lounge)  and to “just be”.  There will be strict rules for absolutely no talking during this time.  Truly a gift to your soul.  

Because you’re worthy of receiving rest and it’s a command from God.  Come practice rest and tend to your soul so that you can fill up on what matters most and continue to pour out.