5 Tips for Starting A Home Yoga Practice

There’s no time like the present to start practicing yoga at home. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or seasoned in your practice, now is a great time to start a consistent rhythm of movement and meditation. You don’t need anything, just enough space for your body to move and a set time for your class.

I never knew how much I would enjoy practicing yoga at home until it became my only option. (hello COVID). I’ve spent the past eight years of my yoga journey taking weekly classes at a local studio and teaching Holy Yoga classes. I’ve had a home practice this whole time but I have definitely spent more time engaging in the physical asanas outside my home. Since most studios where I live, on the central coast of California, have kept their physical doors closed, I’ve had the opportunity to dive deeper into my home practice and I’m really enjoying it. Do you have a home practice?

During this pandemic, I’ve realized how much I rely on yoga studios to hold space for me to practice yoga. While there is nothing wrong with this, I do see how solely practicing in a studio, group setting was hindering the depth and growth in my personal practice. Not having the option to leave my house for a 6 am class in a studio has given me an opportunity to practice something new. These days, I get to wake up and show up for myself (and my creator) in a whole new way. It’s very sacred and intimate when nobody’s watching and I’ve rediscovered how rich it is to organically flow, move intuitively, and worship freely on my mat.

Some of the unexpected benefits I’ve experienced from practicing yoga at home have been;
1. It’s efficient. It saves me time and money.
2.. Depth. The flow has a deeper level of freedom and ease attached to it because I’m in my own safe space, guided by the Holy Spirit and nobody is watching.
3. It’s convenient. I get to practice anytime that works best for my schedule.
4. I have Options. I can literally choose from thousands of videos and resources online. Check out my Christ-Centered yoga classes and meditations on YouTube.
5. It’s fun. I have had more fun flowing at home and sharing this practice with my kids (who need it just as much as we do!)

If you love yoga but are struggling to find a way to show up to an online or outdoor class, you’re not alone. Maybe it’s time to start a home yoga practice!

Here are 5 tips for starting yoga at home

1. Pick the Location

It’s time to create a home studio space. Pick a place that feels good, a place that brings you comfort and peace. This may be a small corner of your living space or an entire room. The space should be quiet and distraction-free during your practice times. It should hold an open space for you and feel inviting when you’re on and off the mat. It’s important to feel good and calm when you’re in this space. Notice what you’ll be looking at during your practice. Allow yourself to try out a few different places until you find the one that’s best for you.

2. Clear the space

Now is the time to clean out and dust off the space. Most yoga studios are physically clean and free of unnecessary clutter. There’s an airy, light, and free feeling that comes from being in a clean space. When we literally make room for our practice, we get to literally unfold and take up space. So take some time to simplify your yoga space. Get rid of anything that makes it feel heavy so you can experience peace in your heart, soul, mind, and body.

3. Add Props

It’s helpful to keep everything in one place. I like to store all of my yoga props neatly in my space. I store my yoga mat, yoga block, strap, bolster, blankets, eye pillow, essential oils, diffuser, candle, Bible & Journal in my home practice space. This guarantees that I have what I need within arms reach when I am flowing. Make sure you keep your props organized and neatly placed here so the space remains decluttered.

4. Set a time for your daily practice

Before you begin, I invite you to take some time to talk to Jesus about this. Ask the Lord what time would be good for you to show up each day.  After you get confirmation or feel peace about a certain time, set a time for your first class, and start practicing yoga in your new space.  If you’d like some help starting a morning quiet time, you can read my 10 tips for starting a morning quiet time here.

5. Flow with it

Take this day by day and give yourself permission to make adjustments. The whole point of a home practice is to practice on your mat what you hope to continue practicing off your mat. I practice so I can stay awake to my breathing, devoted worship to Jesus, and alignment throughout the day. I pray you show up and practice loving yourself like you’ve never done before. I pray you practice compassion, gratitude, and grace for yourself abundantly. I pray you stay where it feels good and send breath where it’s needed most. May you keep discovering new revelations of God’s divine love for you as you seek, love, and worship him with all of your being.

Even though the doors of our favorite yoga studios may be closed, let’s keep practicing friends. Thanks for visiting kathryncarringtonyoga.com. Remember to get what you need!
Slow down. Connect. Live Abundant life.