Carrington Journey Update #1


I’m so glad you’re here!  Welcome to my blog.  My first post.  A space where I’ll be sharing (from my view) what God is doing on the central coast of California.

First of all, I’m so excited to be part what God is doing on the central coast of California!  This Summer, God invited our family to move to San Luis Obispo county and we said, “YES!”  We’ve had a dream in our hearts, for over ten years, to have a retreat space where people come to rest.  A beautiful, set apart space where people get away and get to “just be” in God’s Holy presence.  This move was a big step of Faith towards this dream unfolding.

My husband and I are passionate about rest.  The kind of true rest that can only be found by spending time in the presence of God (Matthew 11:28).  We practice regular rhythms of rest in our home and love holding space for others to do the same.  There is nothing more grounding, centering, healing, transforming and satisfying than spending an unhurried period of time in God’s presence.  This is why we both love to encourage, challenge and show others how to slow way down, get quiet, listen to the Spirit and practice being still in God’s presence.   We love holding a safe space for people to truly unplug, awaken and experience the abundant fruit that comes from a healthy break.  We currently do this through Holy Yoga classes and day retreats.   We look forward to having a space where we can host so much more!  It’s been a gift to be part of what God is doing through rest and retreat.  There is a growing need for safe, God honoring, quiet places that provide space for our heart, soul, mind and body to rest. I love watching this journey unfold.

Like I mentioned above, having a retreat center has been a dream in our hearts for the past ten years. It’s been affirmed by God several times but most importantly, we want what God wants.  We want to honor, love and glorify God with all we do and say.  We want to honor and love others well.  We desire to stay aligned to God’s word and His will….not our own.  We want what God wants, period.  So when He reveals the next steps of this journey….we will step out in faith again and keep saying, “YES! We’re ALL IN Jesus!”.  No my will, but yours be done.

Below, I have answered a few questions we’ve been asked since moving. I pray you feel loved and encouraged to live out the call God has on your life.   I look forward to hearing from you and sharing more as the journey unfolds. Not my will, but yours be done, Lord. To God be all the glory, honor and praise,
Kathryn and Garrett Carrington

Why did you move to Arroyo Grande, CA?

Because God told us to! We have a dream to own some land and a retreat center. We sold our house in Fullerton, CA, two years ago with the intention of moving up to Ojai, CA to start this and God said, “wait”. So we waited for the past few years, for God’s timing, to tell us specifically where and when to go. This summer in June 2019, God spoke clearly to me and my husband in separate dreams and told us that we would be moving. After spending 5 days in “the land” of Edna valley, enjoying the central coast and meeting with a key person who I randomly met three years ago and just happened to have a rental house available at the exact time we needed it, we knew without a doubt, that God was indeed inviting us up here. So we said, “YES!”

What’s your vision for this retreat space?

We’ve had a dream for a long time to have a retreat center where people come to rest. A set apart, safe space where people come to fill up so they can keep going and living out the call God has on their life in Jesus name. A beautiful space where people get to slow down, unplug, turn down the noise, get alone with God in a special way, and experience true rest. A space where you are invited to simply BE in God’s loving, healing, peaceful presence. A space where you get to ebb and flow with the Spirit. I see a big open space with nature trails, farm to table organic meals, a yoga room and so many fun spaces that invite people into playful, mindful, creative, healing moments.


I want to see grounded, rested, healthy, whole, God fearing leaders filled up so they can keep boldly living out their specific callings. I want followers of Jesus to regularly be invited into and allowed to rest so they can keep going, keep leading, keep speaking Truth, keep loving, keep sharing the gospel and changing the world in Jesus name.

I have seen the pressure many leaders are facing today and the side effects can be devastating.  My heart aches for these beloveds.  Exhaustion, burnout and anxiety is not the portion God intended for us to live out of and I’m passionate about encouraging us to live out of abundant love and deep rest instead.

How can we support you?

PRAYER – We’d love to have you join us in praying over any and all areas of this mission as the Spirit leads.

LAND – Lord, we bless the actual land we know you have prepared in advance for this retreat. We thank you for this space. Lead us to this specific land in your perfect timing.

TEAM – Lord, I thank you for the people you are already gathering to join together with us to actually run this retreat. People who will be on the leadership board, run the ministry, physically build it, lead, host and bless guests at retreats. Father stir in their hearts and give them a passion to serve you.

CONNECTIONS – Lord, I know this is much bigger than just me, so I thank you for those you are bringing to help this vision come to life. I pray that you connect me with the right people and if someone has a similar calling, I’d love to connect with them. Please send them our way Father.

FINANCES – Lord, the whole earth is yours and everything in it. I trust you! It’s all yours and I trust you to bring everything we need financially. Lord, I ask that you would provide the money, people, resources, supplies, food, and support we need to do this well and honor you. Thank you Lord for all you’ve already provided.

Thank you and God bless you! Stay in touch!