Rip the roof off Faith

Who would open up a roof for you? Who would be so dramatic and do crazy stuff like climb a roof, first of all, then make a hole in it and lower you down right above Jesus…..because they wanted to see you well? Who, when they heard that there was a healer, would instantly RUN … Read more

Sabbath Rest

Hey Friend, want to know something? I stayed in my jammies all day yesterday and I’m not ashamed to say it. In fact, I’m actually highlighting this because I think somewhere between 2020 and today the speed of life has accelerated and some of us need a rest day. My family and I have been … Read more

Chutes & Ladders

I found myself playing chutes and ladders tonight with my daughter before dinner. If you know me, you know I don’t like playing games, but I do it for my kids. I didn’t grow up with competitive, game-loving parents, so I didn’t play them very much. We were a busy family and unless we were … Read more

What Does Love Sound Like?

Hey Love, I’m curious, what does love sound like to you? One of my closest friends welcomed her baby girl into the world yesterday. Today, via Marco Polo, I got to see her baby and hear her voice for the very first time. It felt so special! For months, I’ve watched this baby girl growing … Read more

Celebrating 5 Years!

Hi Friends, How are you? Sending you love today. As we head into Thanksgiving, I want to pause and say, “Thank you for being here.” I am truly grateful each one of you has found your way to this Jesus Yoga space. Praise the Lord for connecting us! Guess what? This month is my 5 … Read more

5 Tips for Starting A Home Yoga Practice

5Tips Home Practice opt

There’s no time like the present to start practicing yoga at home. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or seasoned in your practice, now is a great time to start a consistent rhythm of movement and meditation. You don’t need anything, just enough space for your body to move and a set time for your … Read more

10 Tips: How To Prepare For Your First Yoga Class

First yoga class

  Preparing for your first yoga class?  I can help!  As a yoga instructor, I get a lot of first-time students in my classes. Since many of my students have never been inside a yoga studio before, I get to the privilege of teaching them how to show up prepared and ready to flow. Here … Read more


This summer, I developed a greater appreciation for the rhythms of rest in my life. Today, I am thankful for the simple, daily routines and spiritual disciplines that keep me rooted, grounded, and renewed in God’s Truth, no matter what changes around me. I’m curious, do you practice a morning routine or weekly rhythms of … Read more